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Asset mispricing: the ignored externality

The externalities of greatest interest in contemporary discussion typically fall under the E, S and G headings. However, this leaves a critically important externality – that of asset mispricing – largely ignored. Asset owners should broaden their awareness of the externalities that arise from their investment approach.

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The transparency fallacy

One of the recommendations emerging from the recent CMA review into the investment consulting marketplace is for greater transparency around fiduciary manager performance. The resulting proposal has garnered almost universal support, but may create some damaging unintended consequences.

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Chapter 12 for the 21st century

Chapter 12 of Keynes’s masterpiece The General Theory has long been recognised as a brilliant articulation of the tendency towards short-termism in financial markets. In this post, we outline some of the parallels between the ideas contained in Chapter 12 and the research that motivates our work at Ricardo Research.

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